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We at The Towel Man believe that by providing quality products and superior service at a fair price, that you will never have a reason to consider another provider. We start every relationship with a 2-year price stability guarantee so that you will never have a reason to consider another company. With no contract in place, it is in our best interest to keep our services as top quality and economical as possible. Like you, we are a small business working to provide value to our customers and help you be successful. We want to put you back in control of your linen service and have a relationship built on fairness and honesty, two things that have been missing from this industry for too long. Contact us and experience what more restaurants, bars, and caterers do every week with The Towel Man: a fair and honest business operated professionally by people just like you. We want to be your long-term, low cost linen and mat provider.

Items for rent

The Towel Man provides a variety of products for everyone from high-end restaurants to family diners including chef coats, table linens, bar or soda towels, and bib style aprons. We also relieve you of the tedious job of maintaining your restrooms. On a regular basis, we make certain your restrooms are adequately supplied with hand paper, tissue, and soap and air freshener with dispensers. We offer clean, attractive mats that will enhance your business image while protecting your facility. Save your floors from wear and eliminate slip with our attractive mats refreshed weekly. Wet mops and dust mops will be refreshed weekly, saving you the hassle of cleaning those items yourself. See below for an itemized list of all the products we have available for rent.

Bar Towel - Terry
Towel - Lint Free - Soda
Apron - Bib Style
Hand Paper case of 6, Dispenser Installed
Hand Soap, Foaming, Gallon, Dispenser Installed
Tissue Paper case of 12, Dispenser Installed
Air Freshener Can, Dispenser Installed
3x5 Mats -Black
4x6 Mats -Black
3x10 Mats -Black
Wet Mop - handle no charge
Shape Description
Square 42x42 Tablecloth, Polyester
Square 52x52 Tablecloth, Polyester
Square 62x62 Tablecloth, Polyester
Square 72x72 Tablecloth, Polyester
Square 85x85 Tablecloth, Polyester
Shape Description
Rectangle 52x72 Tablecloth, Polyester
Rectangle 52x114 Tablecloth, Polyester
Rectangle 90x132 Tablecloth, Polyester
Rectangle 90x156 Tablecloth, Polyester
Shape Description
Round 90" Tablecloth, Polyester
Round 108" Tablecloth, Polyester
Round 120" Tablecloth, Polyester
Round 132" Tablecloth, Polyester
Style Description
Spandex 24" Round High Cocktail Tablecloth
Spandex 5ft Round Tablecloth
Spandex 6ftx30" Tablecloth
Spandex 8ftx30" Tablecloth
Spandex Chair Cover

Items for sale

The Towel Man offers everything from a variety of paper towels, foaming hand soap, small and large can liners, to paper napkins and cups in a range of quantities to suit your needs. We seek to keep you adequately stocked and prepared for any situation with our selection of lids, straws, cups and to go utensils and containers. We offer quality products at a low cost to you and deliver them to you when you need them. We put you back in control of your paper products. See the selection of products we offer for sale below at our 2- year price stability guarantee.

Item # Description
001 Multi Fold Hand Towels, case of 4,000
002 Hand Paper, universal (not Tork), case of 6 rolls
003 Hand paper, Tork, case of 6 rolls
004 Tissue Paper, Large core, case of 12 rolls
005 hand Soap, foaming, case of four 1-gallon jugs
006 Small can Liners, 12-16 gallon, case of 1,000
007 Large Can Liners, 56 gallon, case of 200
008 Paper Napkins, case of 3,000
009 To Go Containers, case of 200
010 To Go Utensils, Case of 500 kits
011 paper Cups, 16 oz, carton of 500
012 Lids for Paper cups, carton of 2,00
013 Dixie PP straws, carton of 2,000
014 Gloves, C2 Hybrid, latex free, vinyl free, box of 200

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